Our Grocery Store Has Everything You Need

Stop by Village Variety in Glenburn, ME

Whether you need a quick snack or propane for grilling, Village Variety is the place to go. Our grocery store in Glenburn, ME has all the grocery and cooking essentials you'll need, including grab-and-go snacks, kerosene, water and tobacco. Browse through our selection of groceries as you plan meals for the week ahead.

Come to our grocery store and stock up on snacks for the weekend.

Make sure you have drinks for the big game

Make sure you have drinks for the big game

In addition to being a grocery store, we're also a liquor store. We carry:

  • Beer -for kicking back after a long day at work
  • Wine - to arrange a romantic evening with your partner
  • Soda - stock up on pop for weekend BBQs and birthday parties

Find out what else we have in stock at our liquor store by calling us at 207-942-4522 now.